Life and Times of a Grumpy Bugger


When moving from Stockholm to New York in 2009 I first noticed the millions of people seeking to survive here. Streets were filled with all kinds of beings. Rich, poor, angels and aliens mingled in a labyrinth of skyscrapers and underworlds.

Here we can mix with nine million people and still enjoy the perfect isolation of a mountain cave. This is the city where seekers journey to make it, and stars come to be anonymous.

One of my first observations, which was to be one of many to come, was that nobody’s status was guaranteed. An average persons may suddenly be lifted and rise to immense heights. While kings and queens may sweep streets or wait tables to survive the night.

This is Broken Horses. Unleash the weekend ♥

(The Great Surrender EP - Exclusively on Spotify June 13)

When someone travels over 700 miles to see you, you know they’re a friend. When someone can’t even be bothered to walk around the corner…